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Reality check: digital barriers are higher than many expect

The world has changed dramatically since a little start-up called Amazon brought such massive disruption to booksellers and then to the wider world of retail. Click here to read further.

3 ways to boost your post-COVID career prospects

The global pandemic has shaken up our lives and careers, but it has also created new opportunities. To thrive in a post-pandemic world, young leaders and managers will need to embrace operating in the global economy. Click here to read further.

Online Learning: Fundamentally part of the digital era

Online learning has become the "new normal", but how can both learners and instructors make a success of it? Click here to read further.

Leading through hard times

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed leaders to find new ways to manage amid evolving chaos. But the pandemic is not the first disaster of this generation to force rapid, meaningful change. Click here to read further.

Can you spot an opportunity when you see it?

If you’re an HR Professional, are you seeing the opportunities for the "people" people to rise to meet a growing business need? Click here to read further.

What’s next for Jeff Bezos and Amazon?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is moving on from his position as CEO, but he’s not moving out. Click here to read further.

Making business healthier for an inclusive society

2021. Review, Reset, Reimagine: Learning from the past as we shape a more humane future enabled by extraordinary technological advances. Click here to read further.

When will everything get back to normal? It won't

The changes the pandemic has wrought won’t all simply reverse once Covid is behind us. This phenomenon explains why. Click here to read further.

How Netflix finds innovation on the edge of chaos

How did a DVD-by-mail company transform itself into a leading global entertainment brand? By rejecting mediocrity, embracing negative feedback and turning hierarchy on its head. Click here to read further.

GIBS/TWIMS MBA Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarship

The Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS) in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) is offering ten scholarships for the 2020 intake for the GIBS/TWIMS MBA manufacturing focus. Click here to read further.

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