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Why I decided to get an MBA

An MBA can open the door to multiple opportunities if you are looking for career advancement, a change of direction or a springboard to greater things. Click here to read further.

Who should get an MBA?

It depends on where you are in your life and where you want to be. Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Click here to read further.

The benefits of an MBA

Working within a collaborative environment, the MBA introduces you to cutting-edge business practices and prepares you to face future challenges - and opportunities. Click here to read further.

What the MBA taught me

An MBA programme will develop your analytical, strategic and decision-making ability. Importantly, it will equip you with an understanding of the various parts of a business, and how to make improvements. Click here to read further.

Myth or Legend? MBA is far more than an academic challenge

Learning how to deal with different people, and becoming sensitive to the needs and expectations of people from different career paths or cultural backgrounds, is an integral part of the MBA experience. Click here to read further.

An MBA can help you make a difference

If you want to change the world, an MBA can provide you with the required confidence, direction and problem-solving ability. Click here to read further.

The best part of an MBA

The best part of an MBA is the interaction with energetic and talented people, along with the associated career and networking benefits. Click here to read further.

Overcoming fears of MBA studies

The MBA can take over your life for an extended period of time. But with some preparation and family support, you'll learn to cope as the programme progresses. Click here to read further.

How the MBA changed my life

Apart from the obvious career benefits, the MBA will prepare you to operate at a higher level and will give you the confidence to take on just about anything in business - and life. Click here to read further.

What the MBA did for my career

The MBA teaches you a new language - the language of business and general management. Previously foreign concepts come into focus, enabling you to perform at a much higher level. Click here to read further.

Effects of an MBA

Be warned, although the outcomes of an MBA programme are mostly positive, there are some interesting side effects. Click here to read further.

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