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MBA Structure


SBS’s MBA is structured into 18 compulsory modules and a choice of electives. The compulsory modules include the Research Assignment, which spans the entire MBA, and the International Study Module at a foreign business school.


  • Accounting for Decision-Making (8 credits)
  • Business Communication Skills (4 credits)
  • Business in Society (8 credits)
  • Contemporary Decision-Making (12 credits)
  • Corporate Finance (12 credits)
  • Digital Enterprise Management (8 credits)
  • Economics for Managers (8 credits)
  • Human Capital Management (8 credits)
  • Integrated Case Studies (8 credits)
  • International Study Module (8 credits)
  • Operational Excellence (8 credits)
  • Perspectives on African Frontiers (8 credits)
  • Managerial Accounting (8 credits)
  • Managerial Statistics (8 credits)
  • Research Methodology and Assignment (45 credits)
  • Strategic Management (12 credits)
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding (8 credits)
  • Leadership Development (16 credits)


Choose electives to acquire areas of specialisation

Students can choose two electives from an extensive list of topics. The electives are clustered into themes:

  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Other / Management enhancement


SBS is introducing two new MBA streams over and above its generalist MBA stream. The new streams are:

  1. MBA stream in Managing International Organisations (MBA MIO), which can be applied in both for-profit and non-profit international organisations and in international development agencies. This degree is jointly presented by SBS and senior UN leaders.
  2. MBA stream in Health Care Leadership (MBA HCL), which can be applied in the public and private health care to industry. This stream will benefit high achievers who want to lead positive change in the complex and changing health care environment.

Use the International Study Module to grow a global mind-set

All MBA students need to do a compulsory MBA International Study Module (various options) at a foreign business school to enhance their international exposure. The cost of this module is included in the MBA study fees.

Gain business knowledge through the Research Assignment

Concurrent with the MBA and building on the content of the MBA, students should write a Research Assignment of 50 to 70 pages on a management-related problem. The research assignment serves as an example of how to handle business challenges by following a robust research process. This experience also gives students the ability to make a value judgement on research presented at managerial level in the workplace.

Optional: Exchange studies abroad

MBA students can choose to complete part of their studies at one of SBS’s overseas partner schools. This will enable them to earn credits towards the SBS MBA by doing a module or summer school abroad. Exchange studies are optional. 

Please note that SBS reserves the right to modify the contents of subjects and to combine subject matter for better integration of learning areas. This is in the interest of continuous improvement of the curriculum.