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MBA Structure

Milpark MBA

The MBA programme is delivered in ten-week blocks per module, with students completing two modules at a time. Students will be able to complete eight modules per year, and hence the full qualification in the minimum time of two years.

The programme has been designed to be completed within a period of two years and a maximum time of five years.

Module name  CodePrerequisites Credits
Business Report Writing, Quantitative Analysis and Presentation SkillsBQPS02-8  - 5 Compulsory
General Management Environment   GENV01-8  - 15Compulsory 
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance BECG01-8   - 15Compulsory 
Social Responsibility and Environmental Management SREM01-8   -15 Compulsory 
Finance for Non-Financial Managers**  FNFM01-OS**  - 0Bridging** 
People Management  PEMA01-9  - 12Compulsory 
Operations and Technology Management OTMA01-9 - 12Compulsory 
Marketing and Sales Management   MSMA01-9 - 12Compulsory 
Advanced Business Research Methodology  ABRM01-9  - 8Compulsory 
Management Accounting and Finance (Part 1) MAFI1A-8 - 15 Compulsory
Leadership and Change Management   LCHM01-9  - 15 Compulsory
Global Trade (Macroeconomics – BRICS – Developing Markets)  GTRA01-9 -15 Compulsory 
Dissertation (supervision)  DISSEX-9 ABRM01-9   45Compulsory 
Management Accounting and Finance (Part 2)  MAFI1B-9MAFI1A-8 10 Compulsory 
Dissertation (approved final submission)  DISSUB-9 DISSEX-9  1Compulsory 
Dissertation (approved final submission)   DISSUB-9DISSEX-9  1Compulsory 
Integrated Business Strategy   IBST01-9  15Compulsory 
Elective (select one): 
 Entrepreneurship and InnovationENTI01-9-10Elective
 Business in Emerging Markets-BEMA01-9  10 Elective
 TOTAL   215 

**This module is compulsory for all students who have not studied financial management at an undergraduate or postgraduate level or have no working experience in financial management.

This programme must be successfully completed within the first two semesters of study and before students will be allowed to register for Management Accounting and Finance (Part 1) MAFI1A-8.