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MBA Overview

Henley MBA

Your MBA needs to take you places...

The Henley MBA is from the only international business school accredited in South Africa. As your MBA is from a leading, respected internationally quadruple accredited business school, you get recognised wherever you are in the world, ensuring your global future.

The MBA that opens up the world to you

Our MBA is ideal for busy professionals who want to fit their studies around their career and family life. We genuinely believe in work-life balance and that is why our MBA is family friendly and is built for flexible study over 30 months. Our support staff are always available to help structure your studies around ‘when life happens’. Henley is unique, with free access to family-friendly workshops, support and events.

The Henley MBA is built for you as it takes into account the importance of your relationships, family and lifestyle.

We believe real learning comes through experience. At Henley the creative skills you need to tackle business challenges are nurtured and grow incrementally. We’ll teach you how to do business with insight, honesty and a solid intellectual understanding that combines the latest theory with the most relevant practice. And in doing so, we’ll show you how you develop your own frameworks and models, not relying on rote learning from lecturers.

The Henley MBA gives you the ability to see business and businesses differently. And develop unique approaches to solve problems and unlock opportunities. In fact, you are guaranteed not to look at a business the same way ever again. It is an intense and rewarding experience. Our students tell us it’s life-changing.

Henley MBA for Music & Creative Industries

The Henley MBA for the Music & Creative Industries was developed in collaboration with an international team of executives to meet the specific needs of international music & creative industry professionals. It is based around the Henley Flexible Executive MBA programme, and enhanced with bespoke workshops, presentations and analysis, delivered by both Henley academics and leading players in the music & creative industry sectors.

An international steering committee of leading executives provide additional mentoring and networking throughout the programme, ensuring that the MBA programme is relevant and innovative to this entrepreneurial business sector.

Who is this MBA for?

All sectors within the music & creative industries, whether you’re an experienced manager, entrepreneur, SME with international reach, or working in a corporate environment, and aspiring to be a future industry leader; delivered part time, over two to three years, to allow professionals to continue with their busy schedules.

Programme objectives:

Help direct strategic energy and insight, to reflect on decision-making and international business challenges and draw on academic business models to stretch these abilities.
  • Develop and enhance the skills of future music & creative industry leaders and innovators
  • Lead businesses throughout the music & creative industries in a way that welcomes and supports responsible leadership; a key trait of the Henley MBA
  • Manage change through informed leadership
  • Learn to integrate theory and practice with industry creativity and relevance.
Course details

The MBA for the Music & Creative Industries is a combination of the core Henley Flexible Executive MBA where all music & creative sector participants work alongside and gain insight from participants from multiple industries. Each module (three per year in the first two years) has additional workshops, guest speakers and contextualisation of the core module to the music & creative industries sector. The combination of a multi-industry perspective and then contextualisation makes for a unique programme.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Behavioural Change

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – the study of how the interaction of the brain, language and body produces patterns of behaviour – is a valuable tool for communicating effectively and stimulating behavioural change.

NLP for Behavioural Change is the second of two modules in the Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching. It offers experiential and practical training in core technologies of coaching and behavioural change – based on the principle of modelling what works, and understanding why it does.

Drawing on various schools of thought in psychology as well as coaching techniques already covered in the first module, this module gives an in-depth explanation of what NLP is and how it can be used at an individual and organisational level. The programme is presented and applied in a coaching style, thus giving students intense coaching exposure and practice. At the same time, participants learn alongside a wide range of people, thus enhancing their experience and flexibility both as coaches and coachees.

The programme is presented by Patricia Bossons, Director for the Henley Centre for Coaching and Facilitation and Denis Sartain, a practising coach who runs his own business, and coaches clients in the UK and around the world. It is designed to allow external student participation, from corporate clients and individuals who wish to undertake NLP training, without the academic accreditation.

Course content

Workshop One (4 days)

  • Introduction to NLP, as a study of the structure of subjective experience B
  • Building rapport, outcome orientation, sensory acuity and behavioural flexibility
  • Exploration of the presuppositions of NLP:
    • representational systems
    • language
    • association and dissociation 
    •  the coaching dimension
  • Henley supervision sessions
  • States
  • Anchors
  • Resources
  • Submodalities
  • Organisational applications
  • Henley supervision session

Workshop Two (4 days)

  • Modelling
  • Language, visualisation and trance
  • Deep structure and surface structure
  • Metaphors
  • Storytelling
  • Timeline work