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MBA Overview

The Richfield MBA programme is geared to promote independent thinking, self-direction, and autonomous behaviour in planning and implementing desired solutions for organisations.

The Richfield MBA is a transformative programme that will equip you with not only business and leadership knowledge but with modern information technology skills that are aligned with the current technological revolution. Any manager or leader who wishes to remain relevant and lead in this technologically disruptive time will need a combination of these skills and experiences. The Richfield MBA will accelerate your career in ways that you never imagined. Moreover, as a distance and online programme, it will enable you to balance your demanding career and personal commitments, and to develop professionally and personally. The journey you are considering embarking on has more than 30 years’ history at Richfield. As a Richfield alumnus, you will continue to develop and build your career through ongoing learning and engagement within the Richfield community and wider alumni network.

Innovative solutions for a complex world

Your Richfield MBA will not only provide you with the foundations and disciplines of management and leadership relevant for the times in which we live and work, it will also enable you to contribute to the socio-economic and technological needs of society through knowledge obtained from a diverse and innovative curriculum underpinned by technology and digital disruptions.

This information technology focus will help you to obtain breadth in various key 4IR technologies. At Richfield, we believe that a mix of technical experience with a managerial skillset can be your most significant career asset. It is not only about knowledge of technology, but about a wider understanding of the potential applications of that technology that drive innovation and strategy to make companies successful. In Strategic Information Technology Management, you will learn the manager’s strategic responsibilities of optimising technology for problem-solving and decision-making. You will understand the emerging technological issues facing managers, the value to organisations of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the utilisation of information technology tools to design operational, managerial and strategic systems. In Managing Digital Transformation, you will understand the impact of 5G networks on global business practices, cloud computing for business and the leveraging of modern information technology platforms in a digital economy.

As a Richfield MBA student, you will be exposed to artificial intelligence and machine learning through an emerging and disruptive technologies module that prepares students for the new and the future of work. Emerging artificial intelligence techniques, robotics and the most cutting-edge innovations are integrated and examined to allow you to understand how companies are designing their internal processes in the face of today’s rapid technological change and disruption. Moreover, the Automations and Robotics that are integrated into the Richfield MBA will prepare you to manage global teams that require the integration and collaboration between people and the new technologies, in order to make a real impact on business and society. As you consider embarking on this exciting journey, know that the Richfield MBA will provide you with highly sought-after credentials in terms of advanced skills and knowledge that will set you apart and make you succeed in the current business, management, leadership and technological landscapes.

NQF Level: 9
Duration: 2 years