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MBA Overview

This programme is aimed at business leaders, senior managers and self-employed entrepreneurs who wish to undertake advanced scholarship, deep theoretical engagement, and develop the ability to apply these to real world scenarios in the business leadership field. For this reason, DaVinci Business School offers a Master of Business Leadership (MBL). Students contribute to knowledge relating to professional and organisational contexts through problem probing and solving, and critical reflection in a range of contexts.

The purpose is to develop a student’s capacity to: create strategies to address organisational challenges through integrated application of theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, systemic principles, and advanced analytical and problem-solving skills; develop targeted personal competence in a chosen research topic; incorporate in the research process appropriate research methodologies and academic writing techniques; critically reflect on research outcomes and results within an ethical framework; construct business and leadership strategies that incorporates the principles of technology management, innovation management, people management, and systems management; develop innovative strategies to address socio-economic transformation challenges.

The qualification recognises those who have the aquired competence in the field of research to serve in transformational management positions in organisations or self-owned businesses. To initiate socioeconomic change interventions and sustainable business development initiatives. The qualification aims to instil a thorough understanding of the application of the key elements of systems thinking, business development, technology management, and innovation, as well as people development, whilst focusing on sustainability and the increase of local and international competitiveness.