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MBA Overview

The IIE Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional degree providing a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence while developing the ability to resolve complex business problems in an innovative way. This MBA degree embraces a ‘use it now’ approach to the curriculum intended to enable students to apply all learnings immediately in their place of work.

The programme prepares working professionals to lead their organisations or departments, to understand universal business problems and challenges in the South African and global context and to apply best practices and management styles.

Some of the current challenges facing business leaders include learning to think creatively and finding innovative solutions to problems. We understand that an MBA should be more than just an academic experience. Instead of doing a research dissertation all students participate in a unique “Innovation Research Project”, which involves practical research and finding strategic, innovative solutions.

The IIE Master of Business Administration is taught by seasoned academics and industry experts with extensive leadership backgrounds in national and international business environments.


The IIE MBA focuses on the role of Innovation in business in the 21st century. Students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to capitalise on business opportunities and to solve complex problems by using creative and innovative thinking techniques in all business departments.

Career opportunities

This programme is particularly relevant for those who wish to lead an organisation, to understand universal business challenges, to apply best practices and to solve complex problems in the private and public sector. MBA graduates take jobs with small, medium and large organisations. They often become entrepreneurs by starting their own businesses. There are many job opportunities available in nearly every business industry imaginable.


Upon successful completion of this IIE MBA it is expected that IIE graduates will be able to:
  • identify and appreciate the opportunities and challenges of local and global businesses in an era of global communications, cultural diversity, ethical challenges and rapid innovation
  • give a multifaceted exposition of management issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective
  • enhance strategic thinking by applying integrative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the business environment
  • develop a professional business and entrepreneurial mindset
  • critique existing theories, models and the body of knowledge by undertaking research activities
  • analyse organizational decisions from an ethical, legal and socially responsible angle
  • acquire a philosophical approach that can create continuous learning and growth in the self, the people and the organisation
  • display leadership skills and achieve personal, business and societal impact.