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MBA Overview


The TSB MBA programme is designed to develop the competencies necessary for a senior management or leadership position, such as effective communication, strategic thinking, ethical leadership and an understanding of the functional areas of business. This programme is for managers and leaders who wish to broaden their knowledge and expertise and learn how to lead for impact without disrupting their careers, with the focus on responsible management and leadership.

Our curriculum is comprised of a range of highly rated courses to prepare and upskill the professional person aspiring for senior roles in an organisation or business. We regularly modify and update our MBA to deliver up to date ideas and concepts in line with the continuously changing dynamics of business and the broader society.

Our applied teaching methodology also helps to develop the skills required by our graduates to become successful strategic managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. We believe that you learn not only from your lecturers but also from your fellow classmates and that a diverse cohort, in terms of both industries and experience, makes for an invaluable learning environment. As such, our MBA candidates undergo a thorough admissions process to ensure they bring the experience and diversity necessary to facilitate peer learning and growth, particularly in syndicate groups.

Internationalising a curriculum takes on many forms. At the Tshwane School for Business and Society this occurs through the pedagogical approaches and curriculum content used by lecturers on the MBA programme, as well as the International Field Trips linked to electives offered in the second year of the programme.

After you have completed your MBA, TSB will continue to be there for you to help you stay abreast of the latest trends in business and society. The networks you will also build with your fellow classmates will also prove invaluable as you progress in your career.