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MBA Overview

Milpark MBA

Milparkā€™s MBA curriculum consists of a purposefully selected blend of modules that ensure the development of managers skilled in the areas of social responsibility, the environment and corporate citizenship. At its core, the programme remains focused on the key management areas while paying sound attention to the critical skills that prepare our students to be ethical leaders for the common good in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The principles underpinning our MBA degree are thus:
  • exemplary performance from our graduates that sets an example of ethical and sustainable business practices.
  • ethical leadership that projects concern for humanity and the earth in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • strong local business roots with a global vision, grounded in the core competencies of managing a successful business in an ethical and sustainable way.
Successful completion of this qualification should enable the student to:
  • Analyse complex issues, think critically, and appreciate alternative perspectives related to core business management issues.
  • Apply, evaluate and synthesise current management theories in the main functional areas of financial management, human resource management, marketing management, ethics, governance, operations management, global economics and leadership.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of and contribute towards the development and implementation of the responsibilities that business has towards society, local communities and the environment. 
  • Apply the theoretical and practical aspects of the strategic development of organisations in an integrated fashion in a particular business or sector.