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Congratulations, you’ve decided to take the path to innovative leadership. Your decision to pursue an MBA is one of the most life changing steps that you can take for your personal and career growth. The world is ever-changing.

New innovations, new attitudes demand new skills and new ways of thinking. You owe it to yourself to continually invest in your growth. The GIBS MBA is not just about attaining knowledge. It’s designed to broaden your understanding of business, your perception of your country and your world view, and to enable you to develop your skills and business acumen to lead a division or organisation, or even start your own business. A GIBS MBA is tailored to give you an understanding of how to run a business in the context of a dynamic global market. We offer the widest choice of electives and global experiences to pursue. Furthermore, our experienced local and international lecturers ensure a full understanding of complex international markets and help equip students to take advantage of fresh challenges and opportunities that arise for individuals, businesses and governments that seek to enhance their competitive performance. Aside from technical knowledge and skills, you can also expect to gain increased levels of confidence, enhanced critical thinking and decision-making skills, higher levels of self-insight and productivity, and improved interpersonal skills. Our alumni often tell us that their greatest learnings and experiences come from interactions with their fellow students. At GIBS we go to great lengths to ensure that our student body is diverse, and that each member offers something unique and special to the full mix. This ensures our graduates leave with new relationships and unexpected personal growth.

An MBA is a relationship you are starting with your future. When researching which MBA to pursue, I encourage you to be thorough and visit multiple schools to find the right fit for you. We look forward to meeting you at GIBS and wish you every success on your journey.

Prof Morris Mthombeni, Dean, Gordon Institute of Business Science