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How to Apply


Application for admission must be made before 5 November. Successful candidates will be notified.

NB: The application for admission form is the programme brochure which can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • Complete history of your work career
    (On separate page, use the following guideline and list all your full-time positions, starting with the most recent)
    • Firm/Employer
    • Nature of business
    • Date of assumption and termination of service
    • Job title (e.g. Managing Director)
    • Your duties
  • A two page double spaced document motivating why you want to obtain a MBL degree
  • A recommendation from your employer which supports your application for selection and acknowledging your study obligations, using the guidelines below.
    • Name of employer
    • Job title (e.g. Managing Director)
    • Company
    • Address
    • Recommendation
    • A acknowledgement
    • Signature
  • Original official academic records issued by every university you have attended, indicating the symbol or percentage obtained for each course. (An academic record is an original declaration issued and signed by the Registrar of a university, indicating all courses passed or failed (with percentages/symbols), and showing whether or not the qualification was completed.) Kindly note that copies, certified copies, or faxes of your academic records are NOT acceptable.

  • Also include certified copies of your degree(s) and certificate(s).

  • Original documentary proof of at least three years’ work experience (e.g. a letter from your employer (on an official company letterhead) indicating your period of service or a certificate of service.) If you operate your own business, the statement can be made by your auditor, accountant , attorney or partner.

  • Initial payment.
    Your signature on the application for selection form implies that:

    • The required documents are included with the application for admission.
    • You declare that you will obey the Rules of the University and that you will attend the study schools and centre meetings.
    • You accept that lecturers will be conducted predominantly in English.
    • You will be responsible for all fees and book costs.

A limited number of students are selected every year and it may happen that a person who meets all the above requirements does not gain admission in a particular year.

NB: No faxed application forms will be accepted. Courier or personal deliveries must be send to the physical address.

In the terms of the admission requirements, students must register simultaneously for all the prescribed modules of the particular year.

A student may only register for the modules of the following year if no more than one module of any previous year still has to be passed and the outstanding module is taken concurrently with the present year’s modules.