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Admission Requirements

Rhodes MBA

Profile of a successful applicant
It is in both your interests and the interests of Rhodes Business School, that only those applicants are accepted who will both cope with the course, as well as benefit from the course. It is to this end that Rhodes Business School takes a great deal of care in the selection process. Remember that it is a Masters-level course with a considerable volume of work in which the emphasis is on critical and analytical thinking.

Evaluate yourself against the following checklist to see whether you could qualify for a place on our MBA programme.

  • Intellectual ability
  • Leadership potential (your experience, referee’s reports and application essays should all indicate that you can assume a leadership position in an organization of your choice.)
  • A high level of motivation, energy and ambition to be an achiever
  • Maturity and commitment
  • At least a bachelors degree or equivalent. A limited number of applicants may, however, be accepted on the basis of ‘prior learning’.
  • Three years’ appropriate work experience, at least one year of which should have been at managerial level
  • Fluency in English
  • Competence in mathematics at a school-leaver’s level.