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Why choose the UKZN MBA programme?

"UKZN was the natural, logical choice for me. My first two degrees were obtained from this noble institution, so it only made sense for me to return here to do my MBA. UKZN has a culture of academic and service excellence which is very difficult to find elsewhere. In addition, the institution has a track record for dedication and commitment to its students in terms of academic and other forms of support. This institution is also renowned for producing world-class research and academics. I would not have done it anywhere else!"

Dr Laurel King
Specialist Psychiatrist
MBA 3 Student 2010

"It allows one the opportunity to personally and critically engage on a regular basis with highly skilled lecturers, and a wonderful diversity of fellow students. I feel you learn and grow from these interactions even more than the study material permits. Another advantage is that when times get difficult, you gain tremendous support from these interactions. The lectures themselves, and friends made through these, have all left me with many fond memories that makes all the long hours and hard work seem worth it, in the end."

Laura Wojtulewicz
MBA 3 Student 2010