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What our MBA student representatives had to say about our MBA programme:

April Mahlangu
With the TUT MBA, I have learned certain skills I wouldn't have learnt if I had enrolled for another master’s degree. It prepares you to be a 21st century leader. It enables you to see things in a broader perspective and understand that facts, not opinions, are vital for decision making in business. Being a class representative was a bonus for me because I was able to learn about personalities, group dynamics and also what, when and how to say what I want to say. In conclusion, I can say I am a better leader than I was before and with the skills I have gained, only the sky is the limit. I may not change the world but I’m sure I will influence change in the world around me.

Lutendo Muvhango
This MBA has opened a whole new world view of business leadership for me. It has helped me to unlock leadership capabilities I never knew I had. It empowered me with a wealth of valuable skills and insights into the corporate world, thereby helping me to bridge the gap between theory and practice. I will forever be indebted to TUT Business School for such a privileged opportunity of putting me on its giant shoulders. Because of TUT Business School, I am now able to see beyond the usual horizons. I am now equally equipped to flap my wings harder and take-off to conquer the corporate world and contribute positively towards the economic transformation so desperately needed in our country.

Angelique Pather
The value of the MBA has truly been phenomenal for me. Not only has it opened my mind and made me think more broadly, but it has also forced me to verify my perspectives before speaking out loud. I feel that I have grown so much as a person and employee over this pass few months and I have elevated to another level of thinking and doing. This course has stretched me to exceed which I thought was my limitations and expectations. I am better and more in tune with me and others because of it. It should be compulsory.

Bailey Nkuna
It has improved my level of confidence both personally and in my work environment. I feel I am now more of a leader with insightful ideas that apply both in my personal and public life. I am now able to give better advice to my family, church and community organisations. It gave me insightful knowledge relevant to nurture required for this century. It helped me establish a network of professionals who are like minded i.e. fellow leaders I’m attending class with. It has exposed me to how TUT Business School envisages to develop their leadership programme as well as their students.