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What our MBA students and alumni say about our MBA programme and their time at TSB:

Lutendo Muvhango – Alumni
This MBA has opened a whole new world view of business leadership for me. It has helped me to unlock leadership capabilities I never knew I had. It empowered me with a wealth of valuable skills and insights into the corporate world, thereby helping me to bridge the gap between theory and practice. I will forever be indebted to TSB for such a privileged opportunity of putting me on its giant shoulders. Because of TSB, I am now able to see beyond the usual horizons. I am now equally equipped to flap my wings harder and take-off to conquer the corporate world and contribute positively towards the economic transformation so desperately needed in our country.

Christine Hader – 2nd year MBA Student
I met TSB students on their study trip in Germany in 2019. This is how I learned about the program and its benefits. The TSB program was my first choice for the MBA as it encourages critical discussions and self-sufficient, educated opinion-making. The people that have influenced me the most while at TSB are for sure my wonderful study team! The workload in this MBA program is remarkable and I am very lucky to have such highly determined, empowering, and amiable teammates! In our team of five, there is always someone who keeps up the energy. My teammates are very kind and patient, even though we are only in the middle of trimester two, they have already shown me new great ways of working!

Major General TE Mulaudzi – Alumni, 2021 graduation
I chose to pursue my MBA with TSB in order to empower myself academically so that I can make informed decisions in my work space. My best memory at TSB was the engagement during syndicate classes, listening to presentations from other students and assessing my understanding in comparison to my peers. That encouraged me to soldier on. I wish most South African Government Departments would encourage their employees to study further so that we can improve service delivery to our people.

Angelique Pather – Alumni
The value of the MBA has truly been phenomenal for me. Not only has it opened my mind and made me think more broadly, but it has also forced me to verify my perspectives before speaking out loud. I feel that I have grown so much as a person and employee over this pass few months and I have elevated to another level of thinking and doing. This course has stretched me to exceed which I thought was my limitations and expectations. I am better and more in tune with me and others because of it. It should be compulsory.