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Rhodes MBA

Business skills development:
The Rhodes Business School programme aims to provide an all-round and balanced business education. This includes not only academic content but also contextual skills to enable learners to be successful managers by effectively applying the academic content they have learnt, in practice. Thus, in addition to the course content, emphasis is placed on critical cross-field outcomes such as presentation skills, negotiating skills, inter-personal skills, communication skills, project management skills, team building skills, cross-cultural awareness, amongst others.

Syndicate groups:
One of the valuable experiences of an MBA programme, is working in syndicate groups. These are included for two reasons: firstly, the volume of work to be covered in any MBA programme is too great for any one individual to cope entirely on their own. Thus, working in syndicate groups, the work load is shared amongst 5 or 6 people. Secondly, they replicate the real working experience to a greater or lesser extent. Seldom do people in a dynamic work environment work entirely on their own; they are often called to work in project teams or groups. The MBA syndicate groups give students practice in working in groups, the opportunity to practice personal leadership skills and a taste of both the positives and difficulties to be derived from working in syndicate groups.

Work-based Assignments:
In-between teaching blocks, students are required to complete assignments, which are essentially work-based. This gives students the opportunity to immediately apply what they have learnt during the relevant Module and for the both their organizations and them to benefit directly and immediately.

Financial Planning Seminars:
During each teaching block, students are exposed to some or other aspect of personal financial planning via a series of Financial Planning seminars. The argument is that while students may be exposed to the principles of corporate financial planning, they are very often ill-equipped to create personal financial wealth. The series of Financial Planning Seminars may not give the students all the answers, but they will definitely put them in a position to ask the right questions in order to develop a balanced investment portfolio.