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Additional Information

Student Support

Comprehensive student support services are available. Students are provided with administrative support by Student Services. To assist with understanding content, students have access to tutors whom they can contact individually. Students who experience study and/or personal problems have access to a student counsellor. All support services are available to registered students via myMilpark (myCourses).

Library Access

The Milpark Library provides access to e-books in a virtual library called Cyberlibris (Scholartext). Lecturers create smart bookshelves per course or module for students to access (these shelves can contain prescribed and recommended books). Students can also create their own personal smart bookshelves containing resources for their studies. Having access to a digital library means that thousands of students can access books and resources from anywhere at the same time online. There is no need to make reservations and requests, and no limit on the time a student has to access a book. With the implementation of Cyberlibris, students also have access to full-text resources via ProQuest (global), Emerald, Ebsco (global) and Sabinet (South African publications) to assist with research and to enrich their learning experience. Access to the Library is included in the module fee.

Further Studies 

Milpark Education is committed to the process of lifelong learning and opening access to higher education. The programme is at NQF Level 9 and students may be eligible to proceed to a doctorate in selected areas, including business administration or other cognate areas. Please note that admission to a doctoral programme is entirely at the discretion of an individual institution and completing an MBA does not guarantee entry into any doctoral programme by default. Milpark Business School offers a Doctor of Business Administration, and MBA graduates are eligible to apply for the Milpark DBA.


This content is accurate at the time being published. Milpark Education reserves the right to change the programme content due to changes in legislation, market requirements and other reasons. Notice of such changes will be published on our website,