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DaVinci Business School

The DaVinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd (DaVinci Business School) offers online distance education with a unique focus on the Management of Technology, Management of Innovation, Management of People and Systems Thinking in all its offerings. At DaVinci Business School you will have a bespoke learning experience and can study anywhere and any time.

Whether you want to upskill, reskill, obtain a promotion or pursue your passion, DaVinci Business School has a qualification tailor-made for you. DaVinci Business School prepares managerial leaders for the 5th Industrial Revolution and ensures business enhancement in any work context, by probing real business-based problems through business-driven action learning and using a unique business enhancement framework called TIPS™ (Management of Technology, Innovation and People using Systems Thinking). The TIPS™ Managerial Leadership Framework has been applied by hundreds of successful emerging, small, medium and large enterprises, through their participation in the tt100 business innovation awards, which DaVinci has been involved with for many years. Imagine what it can do to enhance your business and career?

DaVinci Business School was founded on the principles of Mode 2 knowledge production and while the approach has evolved beyond its original conception, we continue to espouse the spirit of Mode 2 ushered in the 4th industrial revolution, and by establishing an innovation value-chain with an ever-growing number of stakeholders. This ensures a focus on the creation of knowledge that is transdisciplinary in nature, socially relevant, actively promotes diversity and heterogeneity.

The intention is to apply situated learning, problem-probing and decision-making to solve work-based challenges and contribute to the professional development of our students and the teams they lead.