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Milpark Business School delivers education that empowers and equips current and future leaders to pursue ethical and sustainable business practices informed by the SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals).

Tomorrow is beautiful…

The old truths suggest that to lead, leaders must have foresight, and they must lead by example; they must motivate and inspire on a moral basis, through aspiration as well as recognition and reward. It is precisely this calm, considered, and ethical leadership, required to lead and inspire large numbers of people that seems in short supply today…

As a business school, we, our students and alumni will endeavour to be generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and to work for an inclusive and sustainable economy – for our country, our continent, and the world at large. Developing ethical leaders for the common good.

Why Study at Milpark Business School?
  • Milpark’s flexible study options let you choose between contact or distance learning online and all our qualifications are registered and accredited with the relevant authorities.
  • Milpark’s flagship qualification, the MBA, received AMBA accreditation in 2018, and is the only AMBA accredited MBA in Africa for both contact and online distance learning. With this accreditation Milpark’s MBA has joined the top 2% of global business schools in over 70 countries.
  • Our highly qualified academic staff have extensive industry experience, which ensures a learning environment that promotes growth-producing experiences for students. Our course content is relevant, contemporary and updated regularly.
  • Milpark Business School also boasts excellent utilisation of technology, enabling easy online registration, administrative processes (results, documentation, etc.), academic support (including study plans, extra articles, exam guidelines and self-assessment question) and tutor support.
Our offering includes:


Milpark Education acknowledges the fact that business today is dynamic with its associated challenges. Short learning programmes provide the opportunity for businesses to remain on course for success. With its customer-centric approach, Milpark utilises its infrastructure to develop short learning context specific interventions, which provide practical innovative tuition. All programmes are open to the public and may be customised for corporate in-house training.

Executive Education
Click here to access our website for more information on our Executive Education offerings.