NWU receives award during 2022 AMBA and BGA Conference

NWU staff members Prof Anet Smit, Dr Johan Jordaan and Ms Lungile Ntsizwane had the privilege of representing the NWU Business School at the 2022 AMBA & BGA Global Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on 15-18 May.

This event was for all AMBA & BGA accredited business schools, as well as those seeking accreditation. The goal of the NWU Business School’s participation was, firstly, to keep abreast with changes in the International Business Schools domain; secondly, to network and explore possible partnership opportunities; and lastly, to ensure that it continuously maintains and complies with developments in accreditation requirements and standards.

The event featured several high-profile speakers, from both industry and academic environments, presenting in keynotes, panel discussions, meetings, roundtable collaborations and workshops followed by rounds of questions.

Over the course of the four day conference, various themes were explored, such as future-proofing for a ‘new normal’, disruption in business education, diversity, inclusion, social mobility and equity, the climate emergency and the response needed from business schools, lifelong learning and stackable qualifications, business schools’ impact on communities and societies, economic and geopolitical disruption and their effects on management education, evolving programmes to reflect the future needs of industry and globalisation and building worldwide partnerships.

The NWU Business School representatives also attended a networking tour and multiple networking gala dinners, which created an excellent platform for further networking and engagement with other attendees.

The conference ended with the NWU Business School being called to accept a Milestone Award in recognition of its BGA accreditation in 2021.

At the conference, various opportunities were recognised, such as registering an executive MBA with micro-credentials, partnering internationally and dissolving inactive partnerships. As the only accredited business school in Africa certified by the BGA, the NWU Business School has a responsibility to continually acquire new knowledge and development in the international accreditation process, its standards and its guiding principles. Participation in conferences such as the above, is one way to do precisely that.

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