GIBS launches new HD studio

Business schools have to adapt their teaching methods in a world gripped by rapid change.

Today’s students expect blended learning formats, including online and video. Leading the way, GIBS has unveiled a new state-of-the-art, high definition (HD) content studio at its campus in Illovo, boasting cutting-edge technology that allows for greater flexibility regarding teaching methodology. The student learning journey is enhanced by engaging business content and professional multimedia production.

Digital learning solutions

As a leading business school, GIBS is always pushing the envelope to provide facilities that allow for the cultivation of world-class academic content and thought leadership. As part of its digital offering, GIBS committed in 2021 to building a new, larger video production studio with a digital set to improve the flexibility, quality, and output of video. The project was completed at the end of the year, with the first online academic content available in early January 2022. The studio features 400 LED panels combined to create a digital background capable of accepting up to four different input display videos, presentations and images in various configurations. It also has 13 high-powered overhead studio lights that illuminate the two sets available in the studio.

Although GIBS was already offering video content in its teaching, the onslaught of Covid-19 exacerbated matters. Suddenly, at the height of the pandemic, there was a greater need for online content due to asynchronous learning offered by the business school and a greater appetite for online learning. Through a larger production hub where videographers, editors, graphic designers, instructional designers, and editors collaborate with the marketing team to deliver world-class online delivery, GIBS now offers 20 fully asynchronous skills programmes for individuals and teams. The content from the studio will enable GIBS to continue providing an outstanding business education that will equip students with the right tools for our changing world.

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