Henley Africa and Capitec partner to provide student funding

Four easy steps, all online, and within minutes you could be on your way to getting your MBA at Henley Business School Africa. Recently the pioneering business school announced that it had partnered with Capitec to provide an exceptional MBA funding opportunity for students. It provides funding for up to R250 000 at discounted personalised interest rates from 7%, repayable over 7 years.

“When we designed the executive MBA,” explains Henley Africa dean and director Jon Foster-Pedley, “we set out to create something that would revolutionise people’s lives by unlocking their potential. To do that we had to lower the usual barriers to this flagship qualification.

“The first was to make the MBA family-friendly, not the Marriage Break-up Academy reputation it had. The next was to allow students to develop their academic prowess through our unique ladder of learning. The third was to make this UK and South African qualification available at a price equal to the leading South African schools, even though the exactly same qualification is almost double in Europe.

“Now we are breaching the last frontier, funding.”

Not everyone can afford to be funded by their companies, he said, which limited those students from accessing this unique British-based global qualification – even though it was very competitively priced by South African university standards.

“It was imperative for us to find preferred partners to be able to come very quickly to the assistance of potential students who had been selected for the MBA – or any of other higher certificate, advanced diploma and post-graduate diploma courses – and instantly approve study loans for them.”

Francois Viviers, group executive of Marketing and Communications at Capitec added “As the bank for all South Africans, we’re constantly seeking ways to make people’s lives better. One of these ways is providing affordable credit to fund education. Our data has shown us that we can drive further access to funding and champion affordability as consumers who take credit for tertiary education are more likely to manage their credit well.”

“We’ve also simplified the application process. By partnering with Henley, we’re making it possible for the credit to be granted at the point of purchase, online , in only a few minutes.”

All applicants have to do is provide the bank with information such as their name, surname and ID number, what they intend studying, how much they need and a copy of their (or their guardian or sponsor applying on their behalf) payslips as proof of income. Within minutes, Capitec then advises the amount of money and interest rate to be granted.

When accepted, the funds will be paid straight into Henley’s account.

“The greatest challenge that we face in this country particularly,” says Foster-Pedley, “is the access to opportunity. Education unlocks that opportunity, whether it’s getting a job, climbing the corporate ladder or being able to thrust out on your own to start your own business and make your own magic.

“Just as Capitec wants to empower people through helping them to better manage their financial lives, we want to empower people to achieve their true potential – especially when it’s been denied them by circumstances beyond their control.

“People come to Henley Africa, because we pride ourselves on building the leaders who build the businesses that build Africa. Now, as we start building back better after the ravages of COVID 19, that mission has never been more vital.”

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