Graduates need to be taught how to cope with tomorrow

Does 19th Century-style classrooms equip 21st Century executives and entrepreneurs for today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment? Evidently not.

That is why REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL’s courses are aimed at preparing students for the rigours of the world of work. To learn more about how the school creates a home for thinkers and innovators they are inviting the public to experience the creativity of future-focused, tech-rich education, while enjoying a high tea and everything that makes REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL the education partner of choice. This opportunity is being hosted in the new Cape Town, at their new, state of the art campus at The Boulevard Office Park, 40 Searle Street, Woodstock.

This opportunity allows you to accurately design your future and experience one of three creative thinking sessions, while networking with Cape Town stakeholders and getting an in-depth view of what the school has to offer tomorrow’s high-flyers. The innovative iLeadLAB, is a prime example of how students learn the skills and etiquette needed to succeed in the 21st century and take their place at the head of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is the educational solution if you want to be an agile business leader, equipped with relevant skills for this ever changing world.

Attendees will also learn more about REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL’s academic makerspaces (spaces where students can explore their own interests and learn to use physical and virtual tools). These help to bridge the gap between learning and working, providing graduates with the transferable skills and experience that ensure employability.

“REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL’S new approach to creativity and entrepreneurship is evident in the way we teach, which has made the school an innovation leader in the tertiary education space as well as a leading business school. It is all encapsulated in the words: disrupt, rethink, innovate. We have online tutorials, webinars and lectures, ensuring the best practice in distant education,” says REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL MD Dr Ahmed Shaikh.

The creative, experiential sessions are being hosted on July 7 and 10 at the new, state-of-the-art REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL at The Boulevard Office Park, 40 Searle Street, Woodstock, Cape Town. Numbers are limited due to Covid-19 protocols, book online now or mail: You can find information about the innovative, relevant graduate and post graduate courses now available at

Design your Future with Regent Business School, a proud member of Honoris United Universities.

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With the pressures of a career, family and social commitments on most MBA students, experience has taught us that the quality of our programme materials and student support makes a great impact on not only our students’ careers, but also on time management in their lives, while they study.
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