GMAT preparation

While a preparation course is not a prerequisite for taking the GMAT test, prospective students are encouraged to undertake some preliminary self-preparation of the Mathematics and Grammar components. Preparation can take the form of books, CDs, web-sites or a pre-GMAT course.

Click here for tools to help you prepare. Alternatively, the following institutions offer GMAT preparation courses:

  • UCT GSB: The programme has two main components: a Basic Mathematics and English Grammar Review component and the GMAT Preparation component. Click here for further information
  • WBS: Wits Business School offers regular GMAT preparation programmes. Click here for futher information.

GMAT test booking procedures
Testing in South Africa can be arranged by contacting the Regional Registration Centre in the Netherlands on telephone +44 161 855 7219 between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. BST, or you can fax your booking form through to them at +44 161 855 7301, or you can book online via If you have any queries, you can email (not for booking purposes).

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