What is the GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test is a comprehensive, computerised examination that combines essay and multiple-choice formats. The GMAT score is used by some business schools to select applicants (as well as other criteria).

The GMAT is not a general knowledge test. It is an exam designed to measure your ability to think logically and employ a range of intellectual skills. You will need some knowledge of basic mathematics and verbal reasoning. You will be assessed in two broad areas: maths and verbal. Maths will include problem-solving, basic algebra and geometry. Verbal reasoning will include reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction.

The GMAT multiple-choice is scored on a 200-800 scale. The exam is designed to produce an average score of 500, with one standard deviation equaling 100 points. Thus, someone scoring a 700 is basically two standard deviations above the average which, statistically speaking, means that approximately 97% of the scores were below this.

You can prepare for the GMAT by purchasing books or taking preparatory classes. For further information, visit the GMAT website:

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