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Building SMME competitiveness for the post-Covid-19 era

A unique space has opened up for purpose-built Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises, equipped specifically for the African context, to emerge as the new pistons of economic recovery. Click here to read further.

Female entrepreneurs at centre of a reconstructed economy

"Perhaps this global pause gives us an opportunity, as women, to take our place in the centre of a new economy, whatever this may mean", said Dr Ronel Blom, Dean of REGENT Business School. Click here to read further.

Zero-rated access to key RBS sites

Most of South Africa’s major mobile networks and Internet Service Providers are now offering data-free access to key REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL sites. Click here to read further.

MBA with a twist

Enrolling for a Masters degree in Business Administration inherently implies that a student wishes to be equipped and empowered to fulfill an effective organisational leadership role currently or in future. Click here to read further.

Leadership in the times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has set business schools and the academia as a whole, into a massive transformation path. Click here to read further.

Building a new global understanding of African business

The UCT GSB's new director, Dr Catherine Duggan, has often been asked why she wants to work in Africa – and it is a question this award-winning lecturer and former Harvard academic just loves to answer. Click here to read further.

How businesses can thrive in the New World Order

Entrepreneurism is the tool that will allow us not only to survive but thrive in this new world order. Click here to read further.

Yes, there is unity in diversity

There’s a lot to be said for diversity in a classroom, even when things get uncomfortable. Creating a safe space for talking about difficult topics is an important way to foster unity in a divided world. Click here to read further.

Does disruption distress you?

A word that’s on everybody’s lips at the moment – apart from words like "pandemic", "Covid19" and "lockdown" – is the word "disruption". Click here to read further.

How to keep making decisions in the throes of a crisis

Preparing for the next phase of your business means preparing for more uncertainty, and being ready to seize opportunities in the "low-touch" economy. Click here to read further.

UCT GSB appoints new director

Dr Catherine Duggan, formerly the vice dean for strategy and research at the African Leadership University in Rwanda and member of faculty at Harvard Business School, has been appointed as the new director of the UCT GSB. Click here to read further.

Can Tesla maintain its momentum?

Electric vehicle and storage battery maker Telsa and its cofounder and CEO, Elon Musk, have stunned the world with robust performance and a soaring stock price. But can they maintain that momentum for the rest of this year and beyond? Click here to read further.

Complex adaptive leadership

How do you lead with a clear mind and a compassionate heart while the foundations of your business are being shaken to their core? Click here to read further.

3 CEO strategies to guide companies through crises

We distil top executives’ experience for the ideas that work. Click here to read further.

Stop sleepwalking through life

Many of us spend our time waiting in the wings until the right moment comes along to take the stage and play out our lives the way we really want to. Yet that moment never seems to come. Click here to read further.

GIBS/TWIMS MBA Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarship

The Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS) in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) is offering ten scholarships for the 2020 intake for the GIBS/TWIMS MBA manufacturing focus. Click here to read further.

New MBA timetable starts in 2016

South Africans planning to undertake MBAs from 2016 may have to study for an extra two years. Click here to read further.

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