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502 Henley Africa students graduate in 2018

There was laughter, tears and scenes of jubilation as friends and families of students at Henley Business School Africa celebrated the graduation of their loved ones at the Kyalami Theatre on The Track on Thursday, 22 November 2018. Click here to read further.

Does your leadership style contribute to employee wellbeing?

A lack of wellbeing in employees can ultimately lead to attrition and absenteeism which place pressure on a company’s productivity levels. Click here to read further.

Helping SA companies to get serious about innovation

South Africa fares poorly when it comes to innovation in part because many organisations have no clear guidelines on what innovation actually entails. Click here to read further.

Let the scales fall from our eyes so we can see clearly

South Africa has always been defined by its prejudice – it’s perfectly understandable given the centuries of colonisation and then the decades of legislated segregation known as apartheid. Click here to read further.

UNISA SBL honours Dr Judy Dlamini and Mr Thomas Kgokolo

Unisa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) hosted the prestigious annual Leadership in Practice (LIP) awards ceremony on Thursday, 15 November 2018. Click here to read further.

Can a younger generation breathe new life into SA activism?

More than 20 years since the end of apartheid, a new generation of leadership is firing up the activism space in South Africa that many believe has lost momentum. Click here to read further.

MPC decision to raise interest rates sends negative signal

The decision by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to raise interest rates by 25 basis sends a negative signal to the economy at this stage. Click here to read further.

New law will give the Auditor-General the "right to act"

The Public Audit Amendment Bill will change the DNA of the Auditor-General and help curb poor financial management, but better public sector education is also key, said panellists at an event at the UCT Graduate School of Business. Click here to read further.

Pravin Gordhan receives honorary doctorate from Henley

Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan became the first South African to ever receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Reading’s Henley Business School last month. Click here to read further.

Embrace failure if you want to succeed

Most successful entrepreneurs have experienced failure, said talent manager, author and educator Dr Mathew Knowles, at the launch of his new book in Cape Town at the UCT Graduate School of Business. Click here to read further.

10 traits that make for a good small business leader

Many successful business owners and leaders, regardless of their industry or the size of their business, share similar yet specific characteristics and traits. Click here to read further.

Pay, power and politics: Where did Carlos Ghosn go wrong?

The rapid fall from grace of automotive legend Carlos Ghosn is reverberating throughout the industry and casts a shadow over the future of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. Click here to read further.

How many days of this year have you lived?

As we get to the end of another year, the inevitable soul searching starts. Click here to read further.

Imagining the futures of South Africa in Africa

What is South Africa going to do in an era of automation? How will we secure jobs without pandering to protectionism? Will a Universal Basic Income become a reality? Click here to read further.

What drives great entrepreneurs?

There are many people who embark on this challenging journey not out of necessity due to poverty, downscaling or retrenchment, but more out of a desperate desire to find meaning in their work and to make a difference. Click here to read further.

The entrepreneur’s journey: Lessons from along the way

From rental management to intelligent retail to ensuring farmers in Kenya get a fair deal, enterprising graduates share their stories. Click here to read further.

Is war between China and the US inevitable?

Taking lessons from a historical pattern called "Thucydides's Trap," political scientist Graham Allison shows why a rising China and a dominant United States could be headed towards a violent collision no one wants. Click here to read further.

New MBA timetable starts in 2016

South Africans planning to undertake MBAs from 2016 may have to study for an extra two years. Click here to read further.

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