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Global MBA class stops by Henley Africa

Professor Doug Hyatt was at Henley Business School Africa in the first week of February with his 36-member executive global MBA class. Click here to read further.

Sustainable mining rests on addressing power relations

Dialogue between all stakeholders is essential for understanding and addressing underlying power relations in the South African mining industry. This paves the way for companies to move forward with sustainable and profitable operations. Click here to read further.

Sleep-deprived employees cost South Africa billions

Sleep-deprived employees are at higher risk of life-threatening chronic illness and disability, more likely to cause workplace accidents, less productive and more absent – adding up to an economic liability in the billions. Click here to read further.

Retailers can still succeed, but they need to embrace change

Few industries are being disrupted as rapidly as retail. Those left standing will be the ones that can embrace change and keep innovating. Click here to read further.

13 artists commissioned to transform Henley’s public spaces

Henley Business school Africa (Henley Africa) has commissioned 13 up-and-coming artists to transform the school’s campus into a space that is more reflective of African culture and Henley’s identity as the top business school in Africa. Click here to read further.

A solution to SA’s housing crisis is right under our noses

Innovative informal developers offer a solution to South Africa’s housing shortage – yet many investors and those in the property development sector lack insight into its potential. Click here to read further.

Budget provides frank assessment of challenges facing SA

The 2019/20 Budget Speech given to Parliament last month was a frank and realistic assessment of the extent to which the economic and fiscal challenges facing SA have escalated. Click here to read further.

Where is South Africa headed?

Against a backdrop of muted economic growth and uncertainty around the upcoming national election, it remains to be seen whether South Africa can return to a path of stability and growth. Click here to read further.

Themba Baloyi has The MBA

The trick to any good advertising, say the experts, is to make someone look twice. The latest advertising campaign at Henley Business School Africa, I think, does just that. It’s a very simple slogan, only four words: Themba has The MBA. Click here to read further.

New MBA timetable starts in 2016

South Africans planning to undertake MBAs from 2016 may have to study for an extra two years. Click here to read further.

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