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Henley Business School
Founded in 1945, Henley is the oldest business school in Europe, and opened its South Africa campus in Johannesburg in 1992. We are among an elite group of business schools to be triple-accredited for the quality and capability of our faculty and student output.

Our triple-accredited status is held with the leading UK, European and US accrediting bodies: AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB respectively. It is also accredited by South Africa’s Council on Higher Education. Our triple-accredited status provides assurance to our students, programme members and organisations of the superior quality and standards of our courses and faculty.

Our South Africa campus is based in Sandton Johannesburg, with additional campuses in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Malta, Sweden and the UK.

Our 150 academics are widely published and hail from 18 countries. Henley currently has more than 7,000 students enrolled across the world, from more than 150 countries, and an alumni community of 80 000 globally.

In South Africa we offer our International, Flexible and Family Friendly MBA, along with our Postgraduate Diploma, Advanced Certificate and Higher Certificate in Management Practice. This is a unique pathway from post-matric to masters for working managers. Henley also delivers co-designed custom programmes to its extensive portfolio of corporate, SME and SOE clients.

In 2018 Henley’s alumni network ranked 1st in the world for its potential to network by the prestigious Economist magazine. Henley has been ranked the No 1 Business School in the annual survey on Accredited Business Schools offering MBA Degrees in South Africa.
Henley Business School is registered with the Department of Education as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration Certificate No 04HF02.

We are now the only international business school permitted to offer MBA degree programmes in South Africa. Henley Business School is the only international business school to combine CHE (South African) accreditation with triple accreditation from the major awarding bodies in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Europe – AMBA (UK), EQUIS (Europe) and AACSB (USA).

This outcome is consistent with our commitment and vision of becoming a business school that provides a world class education relevant to the needs of South Africa. In providing the highest quality management education in SA, we will continually be informed and influenced by our local and international experience. This is a case of fusing and integrating the global with the local. We see this as recognition of the quality of our programmes and the high regard in which the Henley MBA is held around the world.

Henley MBA

We are pleased to inform you that the Henley MBA has been granted full accreditation in South Africa by the Council on Higher Education.
MBA Overview

Henley MBA

Studying for the Henley MBA will challenge you to think strategically about business and management and strengthen you and your organisation’s competitive edge instantly.

From the very first day, you will learn to apply familiar management competences in business environments and to think and apply the tools from each stage and numerous projects into your organisation. This important part of the programme ensures you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in your working environment and business context.

Who is the Henley MBA for?

The Henley MBA is designed for experienced, practising managers. It aims to give managers the capability to build successful careers in a rapidly changing business world. Students from a wide variety of backgrounds, add to the richness of the experience.

Flexibility is the key to the Henley MBA. Whatever your commitments, you can study at any time and in any place. We recognise that distance learning is not an easy option. Throughout the programme you will be supported by our unique blend of tutor and peer support, e-learning and face-to-face workshops so that you don’t feel isolated. We have designed a schedule, which will enable you to manage your progression with your intake. We have also designed support mechanisms to keep you on track.

The Flexible Executive MBA

The Henley MBA by Flexible Learning is a part-time programme delivered through a blend of face-to-face workshops, peer group learning team activities, on-line and off-line individual and group self-study methods. Over the 2½ years of the programme, individuals study and share experiences with similar experienced professionals from a wide variety of managerial backgrounds. The programme has a number of aims for its programme members, including:

  • Developing a strategic, holistic and integrated perspective of business, organisations and management
  • Integrating theory and practice through an approach that combines academic rigour with practitioner relevance
  • Providing personal development opportunities to support individuals’ development of management capability and capacity to work in and lead teams in different.

The events will take place at the state-of-the-art Henley campus, in Paulshof Johannesburg.

Henley MBA for Music & Creative Industries

The Henley MBA for the Music & Creative Industries was developed in collaboration with an international team of executives to meet the specific needs of international music & creative industry professionals. It is based around the Henley Flexible Executive MBA programme, and enhanced with bespoke workshops, presentations and analysis, delivered by both Henley academics and leading players in the music & creative industry sectors.

An international steering committee of leading executives provide additional mentoring and networking throughout the programme, ensuring that the MBA programme is relevant and innovative to this entrepreneurial business sector.

Who is this MBA for?

All sectors within the music & creative industries, whether you’re an experienced manager, entrepreneur, SME with international reach, or working in a corporate environment, and aspiring to be a future industry leader; delivered part time, over two to three years, to allow professionals to continue with their busy schedules.

Programme objectives:

Help direct strategic energy and insight, to reflect on decision-making and international business challenges and draw on academic business models to stretch these abilities.
  • Develop and enhance the skills of future music & creative industry leaders and innovators
  • Lead businesses throughout the music & creative industries in a way that welcomes and supports responsible leadership; a key trait of the Henley MBA
  • Manage change through informed leadership
  • Learn to integrate theory and practice with industry creativity and relevance.
Course details

The MBA for the Music & Creative Industries is a combination of the core Henley Flexible Executive MBA where all music & creative sector participants work alongside and gain insight from participants from multiple industries. Each module (three per year in the first two years) has additional workshops, guest speakers and contextualisation of the core module to the music & creative industries sector. The combination of a multi-industry perspective and then contextualisation makes for a unique programme.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Behavioural Change

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – the study of how the interaction of the brain, language and body produces patterns of behaviour – is a valuable tool for communicating effectively and stimulating behavioural change.

NLP for Behavioural Change is the second of two modules in the Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching. It offers experiential and practical training in core technologies of coaching and behavioural change – based on the principle of modelling what works, and understanding why it does.

Drawing on various schools of thought in psychology as well as coaching techniques already covered in the first module, this module gives an in-depth explanation of what NLP is and how it can be used at an individual and organisational level. The programme is presented and applied in a coaching style, thus giving students intense coaching exposure and practice. At the same time, participants learn alongside a wide range of people, thus enhancing their experience and flexibility both as coaches and coachees.

The programme is presented by Patricia Bossons, Director for the Henley Centre for Coaching and Facilitation and Denis Sartain, a practising coach who runs his own business, and coaches clients in the UK and around the world. It is designed to allow external student participation, from corporate clients and individuals who wish to undertake NLP training, without the academic accreditation.

Course content

Workshop One (4 days)

  • Introduction to NLP, as a study of the structure of subjective experience B
  • Building rapport, outcome orientation, sensory acuity and behavioural flexibility
  • Exploration of the presuppositions of NLP:
    • representational systems
    • language
    • association and dissociation 
    •  the coaching dimension
  • Henley supervision sessions
  • States
  • Anchors
  • Resources
  • Submodalities
  • Organisational applications
  • Henley supervision session

Workshop Two (4 days)

  • Modelling
  • Language, visualisation and trance
  • Deep structure and surface structure
  • Metaphors
  • Storytelling
  • Timeline work
MBA Structure

Henley MBA

Stage 1:

  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Managing People
  • Managing Processes, Systems
  • Managing Financial Resources
  • Personal Development

Stage 2:

  • Strategy and International business
  • Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Reputation and Responsibility
  • Personal Development

Stage 3

  • Leadership and Change
  • Elective or International study visit
  • Management Research Challenge
  • Personal Development

Henley MBA for Music & Creative Industries

Core MBA modules taken by all industries

Stage 1
  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Managing Processes and Systems
  • Managing Financial Resources
  • Managing People
Stage 2
  • Strategy
  • International Business
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Reputation and Responsibility
Stage 3
  • Leadership and Change
  • Research skills and Management Research Challenge
Music & Creative Workshops on the MBA:
  • Managing Creatives – building business performance
  • Managing Innovation – applying technical structure and process to creative chaos
  • Managing Financial Resources – project management, analysis and viability of existing and new business models, an understanding of market economics
  • IP Management – copyright development, patents and government legislation
  • Brand Sponsorship and Value Creation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Leadership, Strategy and the Digital Economy: international policy, regulation and leadership in the music & creative industries
  • International Business – global strategies and market opportunities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
Faculty & Staff
Henley Business School faculty are specifically recruited for their experience of management in commerce and industry, and represent the right combination of academic excellence and practical experience. Several are internationally renowned experts in their field.
Student Body
Registration is in February of each year and a maximum intake of 140 students is allowed.

The student body become well integrated and forms a key support structure to each individual in the class. We support peer to peer learning and encourage different opinions and views – enable our student body to derive value from each other input.

Alumni network

The alumni at Henley SA are key in staying involved with the future of Henley as we believe in partnerships.

The connections our students build while studying at Henley last the rest of their lives. Armed with professional skills and experiences, Henley graduates are not only prepared to take different challenges, but they are also automatically connected to successful leaders and innovators in a broad spectrum of industries worldwide. This strong tradition of engaging the programme members will help to further inspiration, which is rewarding for everyone.

Herewith some of the learning our own alumni would like to share with prospective individuals consider applying for an MBA through Henley:

Guy Leven-Marcon, Partners in Performance International (MBA Class of 1996)

“I am currently living in Australia and occasionally come across Henley Alumni like Ian Pearce (Xstrata). Doing the MBA at Henley was a career changing experience for me as it opened a door into Management Consulting which I am really enjoying and has taken me to a lot interesting places (mainly mines!) via Gemini Consulting and PIP (Partners in Performance).”

Craig Kiggen, Executive Director, Craig Kiggen CFP (MBA Class of 2009)

“Our Dean, Prof. Jon Foster-Pedley presented to the Durban Chapter of the Young Presidents Organisation on the 6th May 2011. For those who don’t know, YPO is an organisation of 18 000 CEO’s or Managing Directors of medium to large entities around the world. The session entitled “Innovation and Strategy – Are these opposing forces?” was thoroughly enjoyed by the members attending the function. Subsequent to the session, the members have highlighted the value an event like that has added to their business, some have even begun reengineering the way the did there performance appraisals. If you ever get the opportunity to listen to Jon lecture, you won’t regret the time taken to attend. He is extremely passionate, and a true asset to Henley SA. Thank you to Jon and your team for making the event a memorably brilliant as you did.”
Facilities & Resources

The South African campus is situated in Paulshof, Johannesburg. It is a state of the art campus, with some of the newest technology any campus has on offer.

  • A library equipped with Wi Fi access
  • Training rooms which can be accommodated to suit small and bigger groups each equipped with new AV equipment.
  • A dining hall that seats 80 people with an open terrace area that look over the gardens.
  • An exclusive boardroom seating 20 people with all AV requirements.
  • Computers for students to gain access to Henley’s e-library and Websites.
  • Three syndicate rooms that can be used by students and faculty as break-away facilities.
  • A student lounge

On-site accommodation is not available, however there are numerous hotels/lodges nearby.

Admission Requirements

Henley MBA

The Henley MBA is designed for experienced practicing managers and sharing your experiences with fellow students enriches your learning. To join the Henley MBA programme you require:

  • Three relevant years' management experience
  • A good honour’s degree (equivalent to an upper second-class in the UK system) or postgraduate diploma at NQF level 8
  • Access to company data for assignment purposes
  • To be at least 27 years of age evidence of English language competence (if it is not your first language)
  • to have reasonable access to the internet and an email address.

The programme is delivered and assessed in English and students whose first language is not English must demonstrate a sufficient level of competence. They may be required to take an approved test. The overall approach to learning and teaching accommodates the context of a diverse society where many students will have first languages other than English.

Prior learning may be recognised in terms of professional qualifications, verifiable previous learning and management experience, as permitted by the South African Higher Education Policy as articulated by the Council on Higher Education from time to time.

How to Apply

Henley MBA

There is no application fee.

Outcome of your Application:
Once we receive your completed application the Admission Panel will assess your suitability on the programme and you will be informed, as soon as possible, in writing, of the Panels decision. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOUR APPLICATION IS INCOMPLETE THIS WILL INEVITABLY DELAY CONSIDERATION.

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Dates & Fees
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Bursaries & Scholarships
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Additional Information

Henley MBA

Students have the option of taking part in an international study week however as this is optional the costs are not included in the programme fee.

Key features of the programme:
  • Course text books and material on CD ROM provided throughout the programme
  • Active Subject Tutor support in the e-learning environment via the web browser
  • Regular face-to-face workshops
  • Collaborative online activities to enhance the learning process
  • Personal tutor to support the students development and provide guidance with learning, study and other transferable skills
  • Web-based support systems for administration and programme delivery
  • Access to the e-library via the web browser
  • Access to the college library and other support systems in the evenings
  • Electronic assignment submission and marking
  • Membership of a learning team to provide motivation and support for the studies
  • Work-based assignment and projects to make the learning relevant to the students workplace
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