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Enrolling for a Masters degree in Business Administration inherently implies that a student wishes to be equipped and empowered to fulfill an effective organisational leadership role currently or in future.

At the heart of being able to lead others with inspiration, a leader needs to be cognitive of the needs and motivations of those you are leading. In the modern day and age and especially with the more recent Covid19 pandemic and its associated new ways of working, it has become clear that leaders will be expected to adopt innovative means to lead organisations of people. Leading people just to remain positive or pushing organisations towards its goals, regardless of the impact on the workforce, will no longer suffice to make organisations sustainable. There is a stark realisation that leaders will be required to lead with inspiration which implies due consideration of what drives people to be self-directed and motivated in the absence of supervision and other traditional means of management controls.

The North-West University Business School was quick to respond to the aforementioned insight and implemented significant ADDITIONS to its programme. In pursuit of maintaining the School’s learning relevance and continuous improvement it was also decided to introduce a novel voluntary leadership coaching programme to MBA students. The intent with this programme is mainly to equip students with foundational people-centric principles for their current or future leadership roles. The programme is mainly built on the theoretical underpinnings of Contemporary Neuroscience, but also contains elements of the Study of Change, Positive Psychology, Systems and Learning Theory.

Through a series of one-on-one insightful brain-based coaching conversations, a self-directed learning and solutions-focused approach, students were introduced to practicing the principles of:

  • Building self and social awareness
  • Deepened thinking
  • Internal and external conflict management
  • Insightful decision-making
  • Finding balance
  • Personal productivity
  • Change management
  • Confidence management
  • Purpose and Values

The Leadership Coaching programme is supported on a part time basis by John Skinner, a 59 year old qualified Neuro Leadership Institute (NLI) coach, an Electrical Engineer and MBA alumni of the NWU. He has held numerous leadership and project management SME positions within the manufacturing and petrochemical industries. He has a passion for the development of inspirational leaders and harnessing individual growth through personal mastery. He is married, lives in Potchefstroom, enjoys time in the air as a private pilot and stays relatively fit through mountain biking regularly.

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At the NWU Business School, we strive to change the way our students think about business. We want our students to become managers/leaders in their own right.
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