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THE International MBA - InfoBytes
THE International MBA - InfoBytes
11 June 2020,

29 JUNE 2019
Step up, become the leader you wish you’d had
South Africa needs good leaders like never before. If we’d had them, we wouldn’t have lost the 10 years – and maybe squandered the next generation’s birth right – to state capture, aided and abetted by corporate collusion.

If our country had enough leaders brave enough to speak truth to power, to be guided by principle rather than profit, to understand that the shareholders in a company aren’t just the investors but the staff that work there and the community that depend upon them, we would be in a very different space today.

But we aren’t in a different space, we’re in crisis.

The good news is that you can do something about it through Henley Business School Africa’s PG Diploma programme in Management Practice.

It’s a year-long programme, but you’ll only be required to be on campus for 21 days as you traverse four key modules and complete an action learning report. You’ll emerge with the equivalent of an honours degree – able to go on to do your Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) afterwards.

But the most important thing is that you will have the skills to identify a real-life business problem by drawing on possible solutions from the very best practices in the world at the moment and then solve it in real time as efficiently and as quickly as possible – to the benefit of everyone involved.

You’ll learn concepts like systems thinking, design thinking, systematic management practice, as well as new ways to create wealth, strategic planning and even better ways to manage your team – but it’s so much more than this, it’s about becoming a better husband or wife, a better parent, a better member of the community we live in.

“If this is the kind of leader you’d like to be, the kind of manager you’d wished you’d had when you were starting out in your career then we would like to welcome you to join us,” says Jon Foster-Pedley, dean and director of Henley Business School Africa.

“We promise you a year full of exciting learning, collaborating with other managers in the same stage in their career as yours – from across the economic spectrum. It’s an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and networks and come out as corporate activists committed to making a South Africa that’s fit for your children and your children’s children, breathing life into the hope that we can still build a better life for all South Africans.”

Henley Business School Africa is a triple internationally accredited business school offering a ladder of learning programme of world class qualifications all the way from a post matric certificate in management practice all the way to the coveted MBA.

The PG Diploma in Management Practice is designed for managers with three or more years of experience in management who already hold a Bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma. Places are still available for the next intake which starts on 15 July 2019.

If you’d like to know more – and maybe even join them, visit today.

Henley Business School
At the core of Henley’s philosophy is the belief that we need to develop managers and leaders for the future. We believe the challenge facing future leaders is the need to solve dilemmas through making choices. We work with both individuals and organisations to create the appropriate learning environment to facilitate the critical thinking skills to prepare for the future. Visit our InfoCentre or website.

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